CosMedix™ "chirally correct" skin care was developed in an effort to increase the activity of ingredients while reducing associated irritation to the skin.  Chiral is the greek word for hand.  In the same way that our hands mirror each other, most skincare ingredients are chiral, meaning they have a "left" or a "right" chemical orientation.

All body cells, including those in the skin, recognize and prefer a specific orientation of an ingredient. For example, natural Vitamin C is 50% left-handed (L-ascorbic acid) and 50% right-handed (D-ascorbic acid). Research has shown that only the "L" version is an effective antioxidant (and thus is "chirally correct"). The "D" version is ineffective and can often be irritating to the skin. CosMedix uses only "chirally correct" ingredients, ensuring that our products are the most effective and the least irritating in the industry.

The process of chiral correction, which is employed by CosMedix, has been so effective that the FDA has mandated all new pharmaceuticals be chirally correct (if possible) before they are introduced to the public.

CosMedix skin care is dedicated to using the most natural, effective products on the market today. They use no preservatives, biologicals (ingredients associated with animals or animal testing), artificial colors, synthetic fragrances or ingredients that test high on the comedogenecity/irritancy scales.

CosMedix invests more in their ingredients than anyone in the industry. You will not find a better assortment of enzymes, antioxidants and  acids, that when combined, nourish, stimulate and exfoliate the skin.

CosMedix believes that "chirality" is the future of skin care, and M.D. Spa and Laser is excited to be on the forefront of providing medical skin care that takes advantage of chiral technology. Ask your physician or any one of our highly trained Medical Estheticians about better results with CosMedix.

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M.D. Spa and Laser offers one of the finest day spa facilities in the county. Staffed with three highly trained Medical Estheticians, M.D. Spa and laser offers facials, peels, waxing and massage services. Services are provided in beautiful and serene environment where safety, service and results are our 1st priority.

Our medical estheticians carefully evaluate each clients needs and tailor a unique skin-fitness program. Committed to results and implementing advanced technologies, our estheticians at M.D. Spa and Laser are continually involved in advancing their education through educational seminars and ongoing product training. As your skin and needs change, so does our approach.

M.D. Spa and Laser is committed to offering only the finest products and services available today. Many of our peels are only offered in a physician-supervised environment and are not available in typical day spas. The uniqueness of the M.D. Spa and Laser's day spa program translates into superior results with the comfort and safety of a physician-supervised environment.

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