PhotoDynamic Therapy (PDT)

PhotoDynamic Therapy (PDT) with the DUSA® BLU-U® Light and Levulan®.

PDT is an emerging and state-of-the-art approach to treating difficult, resistant acne and/or sun damaged skin called Actinic Keratosis (AK).

Actinic Keratosis lesions are crusty lesions associated with sun damage that are pre-malignant. These lesions are often found on the face, shoulders and other sun exposed areas. PDT is one, very effective approach to treating this skin condition. Sun damage may also result in sun spots or irregular facial pigmentation and PDT is an especially effective treatment for this as well. PDT at M.D. Spa and Laser utilizes a medication called Levulan® (naturally occurring substance found in the human body), which is activated by a blue light source called the BLU-U®.

The PDT process is simple and relatively painless. Before treatment with the Levulan, which is a clear liquid, the face or treatment area is thoroughly cleaned with Acetone to remove oil and allow for Levulan to penetrate selectively into the abnormal skin cells associated with sun damage and the oil glands.

It is allowed to set-up on the treatment area for approximately 1 hour before the patient is placed under the BLU-U® light system.

The blue light source activates the Levulan to selectively destroy the abnormal skin cells and shrink the oil glands, which are the core problems in acne. Not only is the process simple, but also relatively painless. Under the blue light lamp, some people report mild tingling and burning, but no special treatment is required. Added benefits of PDT include minimizing pore size, improving skin texture and smoothing out fine wrinkles.

After each treatment, the Levulan is removed and sunblock is applied. Because Levulan increases sun sensitivity for 24-48 hours after the treatment, we ask that patients avoid the sun during this time.

All PDT patients should expect a sunburn-like reaction, and some may peel/scale rather extensively. Most patients can resume normal activities within 3 days. More vigorous reactions are likely to occur with advancing age and cumulative sun exposure. For best results, acne usually requires a minimum of three treatments while sun damaged skin requires 1-3 treatments. The number of treatments varies depending on the condition and severity of the problem. Treatment is tailored to the individual with the advice of a skin care professional (physician or registered nurse). The time between treatments is customarily 2-4 weeks.

PDT offers a very safe, effective, and relatively painless approach to treating both difficult acne and the ill effects of photo damage (AKs, sun spots).

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